Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sister Dakuiboca's (Mili's) Mission Call

Sister Mili Dakuiboca was a ward missionary
when I arrived in Fiji. We soon became visiting
teaching companions. A few months after we started
visiting together, Mili put in her papers to serve a
full time mission. At the end of November 2009,
she FINALLY received her call. She asked some
of her friends to gather at Bishop Hussain's home
as she opened her call. I was so happy to be included!

Sister Dakuiboca reading her call to serve in
the Fiji Suva Mission. Hurrah!!!!! That is
exactly what she was praying for. She always
told me she wanted to share the gospel with
"her" people.
Just prior to Sister Dakuiboca leaving for the
MTC in New Zealand.
As a "thank you" for my helping her get ready
for her mission, Sister Dakuiboca brought me
over some special food her auntie made for me!
Look! The fish is smiling!

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  1. Alice~
    I just love reading your blog! How wonderful to have all your memories here! Sounds like you're having an AWESOME time. When you get home you'll have to print your blog to book using blurb. We did that for my mom when she returned from her mission in Australia and she loved it. So happy for you that you are serving a mission. Love all the pictures :) Sherry Crandall