Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sister Dakuiboca's (Mili's) Mission Call

Sister Mili Dakuiboca was a ward missionary
when I arrived in Fiji. We soon became visiting
teaching companions. A few months after we started
visiting together, Mili put in her papers to serve a
full time mission. At the end of November 2009,
she FINALLY received her call. She asked some
of her friends to gather at Bishop Hussain's home
as she opened her call. I was so happy to be included!

Sister Dakuiboca reading her call to serve in
the Fiji Suva Mission. Hurrah!!!!! That is
exactly what she was praying for. She always
told me she wanted to share the gospel with
"her" people.
Just prior to Sister Dakuiboca leaving for the
MTC in New Zealand.
As a "thank you" for my helping her get ready
for her mission, Sister Dakuiboca brought me
over some special food her auntie made for me!
Look! The fish is smiling!

Celebrating the 10th Anniversary

In June 2000 the Suva Fiji Temple was dedicated
by President Gordon B. Hinckley. The temple
district includes all the Fiji islands, Vanuatu,
Kiribati, Rotuma, and Tuvalu. What a blessing it has been
in the lives of these beautiful island saints. We
celebrated the 10th Anniversary this last month.
The celebration included a dance, a cultural night,
and a fireside presided over by Elder Tad Calister,
President of the Pacific Area. It was a wonderful
celebration and I feel so blessed to have been able
enjoy it.

Fijian Dancers

Dancers from Kiribati. These girls are sisters,
Phylis and Agie. They belong to my ward and I
am their visiting teacher. They are so beautiful,
inside and out!

Indian Dance.
Fijian children performing a fijian dance.
Tongan Dance
Rotuman Dance
Part of the costume is putting oil all over your
body so you will "shine".

Fijian Dance
Fijian War Dance
Fijian War Dance
A choir from the Nasinu area.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Trip to Taveuni

In April I got to take a short trip to another island
here in Fiji--Taveuni. They were dedicating a
chapel in Somosomo and President and Sister
Ostler asked me if I wanted to go. I jumped
at the chance.

The view outside the plane was beautiful!

This is the airport in Somosomo. It is about
the size of a covered picnic area in a park at
I flew over by myself on Saturday morning.
When President Ostler asked if I wanted to
go, he failed to mention that I would be flying
over in a little tiny plane that looked like it was
held together with masking tape and a glue gun.
I sat in the front seat.....practically in the cot pit!

This picture makes the inside of the plane look much
much better than it is. I have to was a
little creepy.
I think they maintain the outside of the planes
better than they do the insides.
Elder Farley, a ward missionary and Elder Sidal
and some very cute children after the dedication.
If you have a camera, you have many little
friends around.

Outside my hotel room.

In the daytime the trees at the hotel are full
of bats handing upside down. Unfortunately,
you can't see them in this picture.

In the evening the bats starts flying around and
around the trees. The little black dots in the sky
are bats.
I spent quite a while out on my patio watching
the bats. There were fifty or so of them flying.
I thought I had captured them in flight. I guess
you will just have to take my word for it.
My trip was just a quick one....Saturday morning
through Monday morning. I was so happy to get
the chance to see another beautiful island of Fiji.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Fellow Missionaries

Here are some pictures of the fabulous sister
missionaries that serve (or served) here in
Fiji. Sister Bakaua, Sister Tiraim and Sister

Sister Aumoeualogo (better known as Sister Logo)

Sister Idro and Sister Ravulo

Sister Idro, Sister Dakuiboca (Mili), Sister Ravulo,
Sister Mailo and Sister Childs

Sister Rose

Sister Mailo and Sister Kant

All the sisters at Christmas dinner.

Sister Reeves and Sister Watikini

Sister Kant and Sister Childs

Sister Reeves, Sister Watikini, Sister Nair and
Sister Bakaua

Sisters serving in the Fiji Suva Mission

Sister Bakaua, Sister Reeves and Sister Tiraim

Sister Childs, Sister Kant, Sister Logo and Sister

The Fiji Suva Mission, January 2010.

The Diaper Project

To give me something to do in the evenings
that I am not visiting sisters in my ward, I bought
a sewing machine and started making diapers
from a pattern I found on the internet. Sister
Reeves suggested diapers because in so many
of the homes she visits, the babies do not wear
diapers. They either "go" on their mom's laps
or on the floor...or wherever. I have loved
doing this. I should have kept track of the number
I have made, but I didn't. I give the mothers
a "gift" of 12 diapers, wrapped in a receiving blanket.
As the babies grow, many of the mothers have asked
for larger sizes, which has led me to modifying the
pattern for several sizes. It has been a fun

The diaper.

Some recipients.

Angel, napping in her diaper.

Angel and her mother after washing and hanging
the diapers out to dry.